The posemesh economy begins with an initial mint of 10 billion $AUKI tokens, after which the supply will deflate as services are consumed. Deflation will decrease asymptotically until the network reaches a total supply of 5 billion $AUKI, representing half of the initial supply.

Prior to launch, a total of USD $18,650,140 worth of tokens have been purchased through various private pre-sales. Additional allocation from the initial supply has been dedicated to critical functions like market making, liquidity provisions, and token design advisory.

The Posemesh Foundation is established and granted a treasury vesting over 7 years, representing 28.88% of the initial total supply.

A Team Pool of 15.58% is allocated to Auki Labs, vested over 4 years with a 6-month cliff, for the development of the posemesh protocol.

For their advisory and accelerator services, Outlier Ventures is allocated 6% of initial supply on the same restrictive terms as the Team allocation.

All private pre-sales vest according to a daily linear vesting schedule, with no cliff, over a period of 1-4 years.

Cliff is defined as a period during which no tokens are vested. After the cliff, daily linear vesting starts, and continues for the duration of the vesting period. An allocation is fully vested after the cliff and subsequent vesting period.

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